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MARKAZI province is located in central Iran and the word markazi means central in Persian.
Its capital is Arak. The province covers an area of 29,530 Km square (around 1.8 percent of the country) and its population is estimated at 1.35 million. The present borders of the province date to the 1980s, when the province was split into the current Markazi and the Tehran Province, with portions being annexed by Esfahan, Semnan Province, and Zanjan.
There are 11 counties in the province including Saveh, Arak, Mahallat, Khomein, Delijan, Tafresh, Ashtian and Shazand.
Central coordination of the province is located in 34°05'43"N 49°41'27"E / 34.0954°N 49.6909°E.
Arak previously known as Soltan-abad is the center of Markazi province, Iran. It has an e ... (Read More)


Markazi province was part of the Median Empire in the first millennium BC, which included all of the central and western parts of modern day Iran. The region is considered to be one . ... (Read More)
Markazi Today
There is a diversity of Iranian ethnicities living in the city. They include Persians and Lurs. Also, in the Safavid era, Armenians had settled in Arak, but their numbers have declined due to migration t ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
    No. of rural traffic police stations: 7
    Overall roads: 6108 Km
    .... (Read More)

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